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As a a painting artist I know what makes a picture work. I compose my photos much like my paintings. They are relaxed yet romantic. I am a still life artist but I love to photograph people in timeless settings.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New kitchen series.

   This is my new kitchen series.  If I had the kitchen of my dreams this is he what I would need in it.  Very stripped down and simple.  Distressed on wood blocks with vintage colors.  These colors came to me when I saw something on a movie I cant remember.  It was literally  a one frame flash of an old general store from the early 1900s.  The shelf in the back had labels with blue greys and golds ; very vintage and not too feminine.  It is funny where inspiration comes from.    

My little secretary Adler

Adler at 2

Friday, August 6, 2010

Paris Rose

    This is a photo of one of my paintings that I had Giclees made of and I then added color to it and clear satin brush strokes.   I love it so much I want to do a small limited run of these for my etsy shop.    The best part is I can do the rose in any color.   Very shabby chic!  My plan is a series of these awarded flowers.  This Park titled in the piece is a rose competition in Paris that started from Marie Antoinette.   I imagined this would be one of the invitations for it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My studio life.

     My studio life is how I make sense of it.  All covered in peanut butter and jelly and baby spit, it is sure not glamorous.  In fact I am writing with one hand right now.  The other is busy holding a sleeping baby.  But my life is my studio.

    I am kind of in a capsule right now.   I am 3000 miles away from were I grew up. This cute house is from my husbands grandparents and sits on the main street of the town.  It is so small,  the town does not even have one stop light in it.   But it has what is important,  two antique stores across the street with the post office in between.

   My dinning room is my paint studio,  with tear outs of a world I dream of on the walls.   Baskets filled with started paintings, and broken vintage suit cases that hold my paints and brushes.  It is far from the sunny spot I use to have in San diego in the picture above.   But my vision is still strong.  Create works that will find many beautiful homes.  Or to beautify homes with them in it.